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BOUDICCA RECORDS was founded in 2015 by Sarah Weir, an avid music lover with a passion for under-the-radar female talent. Having worked in A&R with Linn Records out of Glasgow since the age of 19, Sarah began to notice how many truly talented female artists were being ignored in favour of the more 'trendy' and 'current' lad-bands circuiting the Edinburgh and Glasgow scenes. She set out to create an independent label that backed talent not looks or specific genres, and Boudicca was born.
With a handful of experienced industry friends, Sarah formed Boudicca around the ethos of breaking the glass ceiling for women in music across the board, feeling that female artists were often overlooked when they stepped outside of specific genres; (pop, singer/songwriter folk.) And this ethos drives Boudicca Records' search for the best female talent from all genres and walks of life the world over.
In 2016 Boudicca Records was key in setting up and running Pandora Fest, Scotland's first and only music festival centred around female talent.
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