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EBB /ɛb/


EBB are a genre defying group of 5 women and one guy; musicians who live within a pagan art collective. Coming from very different social and political backgrounds, they play an eclectic blend of music styles resulting in Prog-Rock...sort of.

On top of their, at times, thunderous soundscapes are the titanic but always beguling vocals of Erin Bennett; the Texan, award-winning singer/songwriter.

Described variously as 'being the bastard daughter of King Crimson and Heart.' or perhaps more cheerfully, 'Prog with songs!'

EBB are truly riveting to watch live.


FEBRUARY 21 - Theatre Royal (Dumfries, UK)

MARCH 5 - Wharf Chambers (Leeds, UK)

MARCH 19 - The Hive (Edinburgh,UK)

APRIL 4 - Prog in the Park 2.0 (Dunfermline, UK)

APRIL 26 - O'Riley's (Hull, UK)

MAY 16 - Southside Fringe Festival (Glasgow, UK)

MAY 17 - Whistlebinkies (Edinburgh, UK)

MAY 22 - The Cellar (Aberdeen, UK)

MAY 24 - Lechlade Music Festival (Lechlade, UK)

JUNE 26 - Wildfire Fest (Wanlockhead, UK)

JULY 10 - Percy's (Whitchurch, UK)

July 10 - Doonhame Festival (Dumfries, UK)

AUGUST 7 - Hug & Pint (Glasgow, UK)

OCTOBER 14 - KIdderminster Town Hall (Kidderminster, UK)

Edinburgh, Scotland   |  boudiccauk@gmail.com