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July 1 - Bannerman's (Edinburgh)

July 8-10 - Road 2 Ruin Festival (Buckinghamshire)

July 23 - Doonhame Festival (Dumfries)

August 31 - The Musician (Leicester)

September 1 - The Brickmaker's (Norwich)

September 2 - The Rigger (Newcastle-u-Lyme)

September 3 - Hard Drive Fest '22 (Coalville)

September 22 - Ivory Black's (Glasgow

September 29 - The Waterloo (Blackpool)

September 30 - O'Riley's (Hull)

October 1 - The Source Collective (Carlisle)

October 7 - Trillian's (Newcastle-u-Tyne)

October 8 - Percy's (Whitchurch)


KROW is a self-described, 49 year old, angry, peri-menopausal woman ‘Ripping the world a new arsehole’ because she has nothing better to do with her time.

Imagine a primal therapy so deep it scrapes the inside of your cranium until you scream for release - set to EDM.


KROW & The Electric Temple’s show hits hard and deep on an emotional level. Captivating and absorbing as it is exhilarating and energising; the show is emotionally empowering in a cathartic sense. Built on 140bpm and underlaid with brutal synthesizer licks and featuring a fully choreographed stage show, KROW’s compelling ‘unhinged, enjoyably abrasive energy’ and rich rock-operatic vocal style perfectly completes the entire experience. KROW & The Electric Temple are THE anarchic alternative dance band with energy!

Taking the UK Electronica music scene by storm, critically-acclaimed vocalist and pagan rave sensation KROW is the current incarnation of Julie, the lead singer in the, once headline grabbing, infamous shock band, Rockbitch.

Citing the likes of The Prodigy, Knife Party, Underworld, Tool and Skunk Anansie as her influences, KROW brings something new and surprising to the U.K. music scene.

KROW bids you bear witness to a whole new kind of Electronic Hedonism & NoiseTerror.

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