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'...Madbh, barefoot and weaving around in her floaty dress, proved that she has a lovely voice... Very nice indeed.'

-Powerplay Magazine

Madbh is the innocence and beauty in art personified. Writing songs, for her, is more like weaving. She collects all of the sensory information of life and poetically stitches her tales together making it impossible for the listener not to be engulfed in her world.

Drawing her musical influence from the folk greats, Madbh's songs, though about her own life and experiences, can be superimposed over anyone of us and still be meaningful and relevant.

Suffice to say, she has the ability to speak to us and on our behalf; and use her silky vocals to soothe our hurt and celebrate our successes!

Having been primarily a solo/acoustic act, Madbh has built her backing band from specifically chosen musicians who she feels not only understand her musical ethos, but share in the ups and downs of life that together create the ultimately gorgeous human experience.


New Dates TBA

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