Boudicca Welcomes Anna Fraser!

Having drummed for Erin Bennett and the EB Band since 2013, Anna has made quite a name for herself in Scotland. Noted as one of Edinburgh's most sought after session drummers, Anna's primary focus is on drums, percussion and fiddle; though she regularly lends her production and orchestration talents to tracks by the artists she works with. ​ Having drummed professionally even before graduating with a BA Hons in popular music from Napier University, Edinburgh in 2015, Anna has played throughout the UK and Europe with artists such as: The Tinderbox Orchestra, Mantra, The Kryptonites, Goldstar, Erin Bennett and Krow. ​ With a quietly confident approach to her playing style, Anna can deliver a unique feel under many different settings. Her live performance experience has meant that she has played in many styles and sizes of venues, giving her the ability to play to the specific needs of a room and crowd, giving the best possible experience for all involved. ​

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