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March 19- EBB Whistlebinkie's (Edinburgh)

April 2- EBB Prog in the Park 2.0 (Dunfermline)

April 23- KROW Whitby Goth Weekend (Whitby)

May 7- EBB Legends (Edinburgh)

May 22- EBB Live @ The Lodge (Lockerbie)

May 27- EBB The Freebird (Newcastle-u-Lyme)

May 28-EBB Iron Bull Roadhouse (Basingstoke)

May 29- EBB Lechlade Festival '22 (Lechlade)

June 3- EBB IceBox (Glasgow)

July 8-10- KROW Road 2 Ruin Festival '22 (Buckinghamshire)

July 22- EBB Trillian's (Newcastle-u-Tyne)

July 23- EBB/ KROW Doonhame Festival (Dumfries)

August 31- KROW The Musician (Leicester)

September 1- KROW The Brickmaker's (Norwich)

September 2- KROW The Rigger (Newcastle-u-Lyme)

September 3- KROW Hard Drive Fest '22 (Coalville)

September 9-11- EBB HAWKFEST '22 (Morecambe)

September 16- EBB Percy's (Whitchurch)

September 17- EBB TBC

September 18- EBB A Sunday In September (London)

September 22- KROW Ivory Black's (Glasgow)

September 29- KROW The Waterloo (Blackpool)

September 30- KROW O'Riley's (Hull)

October 1- KROW The Source Collective (Carlisle)

October 7- KROW Trillian's (Newcastle-u-Tyne)

October 8- KROW Percy's (Whitchurch)

November 13- EBB Whistlebinkie's (Edinburgh)

​November 25- EBB O'Riley's (Hull)

November 26- EBB TBC

November 27- EBB TBC

December 9- EBB The Blues Bar (Harrogate)

December 10- EBB The Jacaranda (Liverpool)

December 11- EBB Robin 2 (Bilston)

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